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Ruff Cuts offers a complete grooming service.

All our full grooms come with a complimentary Southbarks Spa facial scrub. We use top of the line shampoos and conditioners at no extra charge, that are suited to the condition and type of coat your dog has. We will assess your dog’s coat and use the appropriate products, and if the dog has allergies or there are Owners who have allergies to scented shampoos we can adjust the shampoo accordingly. We offer a Canadian products from SOOS Hypo Allergenic .

We have added  Show Seasons Soothe a medicated shampoo.   also  Show Season  ACV  degreaser and clarifier.

We are trying a new medicated product by Natures Specialties Neem anti itch.

Please click on any of the links to their product pages to read about the shampoos.

To read more about each product follow the above links.


Full Grooms

  • complete brush and comb out
  • clipping between the pads
  • ear cleaning
  • nail cutting
  • bathing
  • deep conditioning
  • Spa Blueberry Facial scrub
  • toweling and High Velocity blow-dry
  • re-brush and comb out
  • clipped pattern
  • scissor finish
  • cologne
  • bandanna and/or bows

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