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When should my puppy get its first groom?

Your puppy should have had all its shots including rabies prior to booking an appointment.

How long does it take?

We usually ask for 1.5 to 2 hours, however, most of our customers know it rarely takes this long. We ask for that time in case the dog does not like the dryer, or in case we need to give him or her breaks. We text/call you as soon as we are finished.

Can I stay with my dog?

We actually don’t allow the owners to stay with their pets.  We find that the dogs are much more cooperative and calm that way, when they are gone.  Otherwise they are struggling to get away from us and over to you.  They can also be possessive when their owners are around, making it more difficult.

I don’t want my dog shaved, can’t you brush him out?

It really depends if the dogs body is completely covered in matts, and the dog will not tolerate being de-matted it’s very painful in one groom session. We then we would recommend clipping the coat short and starting fresh.  De-matting the dog can be painful, dangerous, and discourage dogs from liking the grooming procedure.  In our studio, the dog comes first.  We will not torture an dog for the owners sake.  Sorry, but if we work together, and if you trust us, your dog can ultimately end up with the look you want and we will help you maintain it that way.

Do you have discounts for multiple dogs?

No we do not offer discounts for multiple dogs, it’s the same amount of work. It’s like asking a mechanic to give you a discount on oil changes because you have three cars. They would refuse as it is the same amount of work and product used.

Summer Heat Wave…Should I shave my pet?

Follow this link for more information.

To Shave or not to Shave

He’s matted?

This article does a great job explaining why we as groomers have to shave your dog.

What Do You mean he’s matted?

Why did my dog get bloody tipped ears and is shaking his head after grooming?

Here is an article explaining ear hematomas, follow the link below. My best advice is keep your pet matt free, brush and comb your dog regularly and get professional grooming every 8 weeks.

 Ear Hematomas