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  • Jo-Anne Stewart

    Thu 06 Jun 2024

    If you have a senior dog that needs some tender loving care and understanding, then Sue is the groomer for you! Marco’s groomings have always been perfect and not the lopsided cuts he had from previous groomers. The quality of her service is par to none.
  • Sheri

    Wed 05 Jun 2024

    Sue has been doing our dogs for over 6 years now and they always look awesome! She is great with the dogs, I am always happy with them when they are done! I would highly recommend her!!
  • Samantha McKeag

    Thu 30 May 2024

    Sue is amazing! Eighteen years ago, after I got my first dog, Roo, she was the first groomer we used. We ended up moving away, but when we came back, we went right back to Sue. Roo passed away a year ago, but Sue was his first – and his last – groomer. Now, she does our little sassy Emma, and Sue is just as great! She really seems to genuinely care about the dogs and even sets up her schedule so she can give each dog the care they deserve. I’ve also referred Sue to my mom who has a new puppy because I know she will be gentle and patient with the little baby. Definitely recommend Ruff Cuts! Great service and a very kind woman! 🙂
  • RalphC

    Wed 29 May 2024

    The grooming service here is absolutely the best anywhere! Sue is attentive, kind to our dog, and thorough. Best anywhere 💕
  • Arielle

    Tue 28 May 2024

    Always very happy with the service provided. Thank you Sue! Zeus xo
  • Craig Smith

    Tue 21 May 2024

    We have been very happy with grooming here. Experienced and informative.
  • Christian-Denise

    Sun 21 Aug 2022

    The very best grooming for our dogs
  • Jo-Anne Stewart

    Thu 18 Aug 2022

    Is your dog into drama? My little boy gives Sue all sorts of drama, but he leaves handsome and back to a snow white coat! He is a sensitive dog and Sue knows how to handle him, so when he gets home, he is not the least bit frazzled by the experience. Sue is incredible with him!
  • Adrienne Migos

    Tue 16 Aug 2022

    As usual, our fur baby came back looking totally adorable. We would never take her anywhere else. Sue is the greatest.
  • Sheri Pond

    Fri 12 Aug 2022

    We’ve been taking our dogs here for years and Sue has always been amazing with the dogs. She is always pleasant and easy going.

Julie B- Gypsy

I’m so happy that I brought my Gypsy here! She’s a bit shy and the small studio in their house was perfect for making her feel comfortable. As for her cut, it was one of the best, if not THE best she’s had.  She is loving the short cut in the hot heat and I’m loving it because she’s easier to clean after a dip in the lake.  Bonus! You can book online which is so helpful!! Thank you and I’m so happy I found you guys.


Excellent Service and beautiful groom on my dog. (subzero)

I love this place! After a lot of other groomers, and bad cuts, I finally found a place that is outgoing and personable, and treats my dog with loads of affection. She always comes home smelling wonderful and looks fantastic. I get so many compliments when we are out on a walk. The mother daughter team at Ruff Cuts is awesome. I will not going anywhere else with my dog. Thanks Ruff Cuts!


Very pleased with my first appointment at Ruff Cuts. Took an hour and a half (usually takes at least 3 hours anywhere else) and my dog looks super cute! (bonus: clean environment and great price)

Karine L

This is a great groomer. They take ONE dog at a time, so your beloved pets don’t wait. They do a fabulous job!

Nadia C

We’ve been going to Ruff Cuts to get our Schnauzers groomed for over 14 years and I have to say that we’ve always received fantastic service and results. The ladies are very thorough and concerned about the pets that they groom and take time to mention any health issues such as ear infections or skin problems that we should be aware of. They are patient and caring and I know this because my dog is a challenge to groom and they always manage to figure out how to handle him carefully and make him look great!
I would highly recommend Ruff Cuts to anyone who wants professional grooming from a couple of women who truly love animals!

Barbara R

Dear Ruff Cuts,

I cannot begin to thank you enough for the way you groomed my West Highland Terrier Hannah under such extreme challenges.

I wanted to write the following comment:
Because of family difficulties and responsibilities my dog’s coat was not maintained and became extremely matted.

Ruff-Cuts came to my rescue and with extraordinary expertise, skill and patience they were able to address the problem, leaving my dog looking fabulous.

I cannot thank Sue and her daughter enough.
I highly recommend Ruff-Cuts and rate it. A++++

Shirley Routliffe

Brian C

Been going here for the past 4 years. I’ve never been disappointed with the service I’ve got.

Pat D

Have always received top-notch service at Ruff Cuts. As for the cancellation policy, good on ya Sue. People need to realize that there are consequences when they do not bother cancelling or notifying you when they know they will be late. Thanks!

Stephanie D

We adopted our dog Sherlock 2 months ago and took him to Susan for his first grooming the same month and then again the month after that. Susan is great. She has an amazing personality and has great knowledge. She even tells you how it went afterwards and mentions things that she feels is important to mention. My dog had gotten his injections done and she mentioned that he had a lump at the site of injection and to keep an eye on it. Something that I hadn’t noticed that she thought a good mention. She said he didn’t like anything with the feet. Which I understand. But watching him on webcam I could tell that he felt comfortable with Susan and that when I brought him back the second time, he was happy to go back. I will be returning to Susan after a very bad experience at another groomers that caused us to go to the emergency this week. Susan knows how to handle dogs with love and care. I am glad I found her and would recommend her to anyone.

Jeannie P

I have been a long time client of Susan Lavallee, before Ruff Cuts was even established. She has groomed 4 dogs of ours over the years including our beloved Brookes, a beautiful Rottweiler who we adopted as a puppy from Susan.

Today I was reminded just how grateful I am that they are there to take care of “my boys”. My older boy is easy enough to deal with, however the younger one is a rambunctious, high spirited mama’s boy who whines from the minute we arrive at the “SPA”. I always hold my breath when I pick them up thinking, oh boy, this is the last time they’re going to want me back as a client. At this time of year when everyone is so busy and frustrated, I was welcomed with a hearty laugh as my boys rumbled down the stairs into the studio acknowledging that they had arrived. Susan and Ariane still smiled and laughed as they whisked them away. I grimaced thinking they were going to have their hands full.

When I picked up my boys, and another frantic exit took place, I mentioned to Susan that she must be thinking this is the last time I take those two. To the contrary, she acknowledged that I was a caring, considerate client and she always looked forward to seeing the boys.

Ruff Cuts is a professional dog grooming studio with two ladies that truly know dogs. I can speak from experience on that considering they have known all four of mine. Susan’s knowledge actually aided in the diagnosis of a thyroid condition in my Rottweiler. When I brought Brookes to the Vet, he credited Susan’s knowledge as a breeder to have recognized the symptoms. Brookes received ongoing medication for her condition and lived to a ripe old age of 13.