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Grooming Agreement

Please read  ALL the grooming agreement below. You will be required to sign this agreement upon your first visit here.

All new clients are required to show proof of their dog’s vaccinations, or a titer test.

We reserve the right to refuse any aggressive dog, skunked dog or dog’s with fleas.

We are accepting slect new dogs under 30 pounds and less than 12 inches at the shoulder. 

For example sizes I groom, Shih Tzu, Miniature Schnauzer, Mini Poodle, Toy Poodles, Bichon Frise, Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, Lhasa, Havanese and any combo of these mixed ie; Yorkiepoo, Schnoodle etc.

Please let us know with-in 24 hours of your dog’s groom if there is something you want corrected or changed.

We prefer right away as we can recall particulars easier, and to better serve you.
If after 24 hours you will have to wait for next groom for changes.


Shown below are our Grooming Agreement and Matted Pet Release forms.  Matted pet releases will be signed only by clients if the dog’s coat is in neglectful/matted condition.


Some things have changed since having this policy/grooming agreement printed.

1-Dog’s must be picked up within 15 minutes when finished.

2-After being 15 minutes late dropping off your dog for his/her appointment it will be considered a no show.

Your appointment may be rescheduled, and fee may be incurred. All fees to be paid in advance prior to booking another appointment.

3- We reserve the right to refuse agressive, unruly dogs. A fee will be charged on any work done.

4- If I can not groom a dog because of agression/sickness/behavior/or matted condition(because owner refuses to have dog shaved short), you will be charge minimum one hour fee regarless of work preformed or not as you were booking my time.


On another note….

All clients are sent reminders  through a software program that is not mine (Setmore)for their appointments 3 days prior. Rescheduling your appointment within 48 hours of it’s scheduled time will incur a fee, as I may not be able to fill that spot and l will lose money. Please call/text before this time, during regular business hours to avoid fees. Fees are to be paid prior to booking another appointment. I will not see or respond to messages during days off, Saturday, Sundays and Mondays or any stat holidays. Replies to you will be returned during regular business hours only. DO NOT REPLY TO YOUR SETMORE NOTIFICATION REMINDER FOR YOUR DOGS APPOINTMENT AS I DO NOT RECEIVE THIS. CALL/TEXT 613-834-8883