It is very difficult to give an estimate on your dog’s grooming without seeing the dog first. The dog’s coat condition, the cut style you want, the temperament of the dog, and the time taken while we groom it, all play a part in pricing. I have put together a small list of the most popular breeds in our area. This list is a range of prices. The low end being a basic short shave all over, no longer than 4f blade.  Mid and higher ranges get into longer blade cuts and/or hand scissoring.

*Please note prices are subject to change without notice and we only do dogs under 50 pounds.

Extra fees for:

  • de-fleaing
  • extra brush out time
  • tick removal
  • anal glands (only on full grooms)
  • nail dremel
  • ear plucking
  • teeth brushing

We do offer Furr-Feather extensions for your pet’s ears for an extra $4.00 per set.

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Ruff Cuts Price List

SPAW Packages

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This package includes, brush out/de-shedding.
Nail clipping and dremeled.
Ear cleaning with M.E.D. Solution.
Two deep cleansing shampoos in a shampoo suited to your dogs type of coat and condition.
Up to ten minutes of massaging and deep conditioning.
Two SPA Blueberry Facial Scrubs.
A Cut and Styling of your choosing including all finish scissor work.
Bandanna or Bows and cologne.


Waggin Tails

A complete brush-out/de-shedding.
Nails clipped and ears cleaned.
One cleansing Shampoo in a product suited to your dogs coat needs.
Deep conditioning.
One SPA Blueberry Facial Scrub.
Cut and Style of your choosing and scissor finished.
Bandanna or Bows and cologne.

Les Poochs


The luscious scent of our limited edition Pooch D`été is intoxicating. This popular gender-neutral springtime bouquet of crisp green floral and mossy undertones delightfully stimulates the olfactory senses. A small amount of 6 oz. (200 ml.) bottles are available during the summer season only.

Les Poochs 1

A spirited scent with a light woodsy-green top note accented with lingering hints of leather and spice, Le Pooch I leaves male canines smelling wonderfully masculine. The fresh fragrance fills your senses with visions of a wooded path winding through a sunlit forest of tall trees and lush landscape. Available in an attractive 1.7 oz. (50 ml.) bottle.Just spritz and work through the coat with your hands or brush to keep your pooch smelling fresh between grooms.


Spa Blueberry Facial

Tropiclean Spa Fresh Facial Cleanser is a mild yet concentrated, lightly foaming facial cleanser. This scrub naturally exfoliates and gently soothes the skin of the face while removing dirt and tear stains. The refreshing blend of vanilla and blueberry will not sting the eyes or skin. Works great for all skin types and all ages of pets. Formerly called Tear Stain Remover.

Kelco Hypoallergenic

Kelco Dr. Hypo Shampoo is a hypoallergenic, highly concentrated, tear-less shampoo that effectively deep cleans and leaves a clean scent. This super gentle formula does not contain soaps or detergents and is perfect for cleaning sensitive areas like around the eyes, yet strong enough to remove odors, dirt, and grease without irritation. It is also mild, pH balanced, natural, biodegradable, and safe to use with flea treatments.


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