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Written by my mommy since my typing skills are not as good as hers.

 “To my favorite groomers ever (bar-none); You have now seen me (Sawyer) a total of three times and I have to thank you from the bottom of my four paws to the top of my head.  My mommy and poppy are so thrilled with my look, they are just gushing all over me.  After a rather unfortunate incident and very ugly grooming this spring, my mommy thought she better find somebody who could make look like the Lowchen (Little Lion Dog) that I am supposed to be.  She was almost ready to give up because either nobody knew the breed or were interested in taking on such a rare breed.  Then, she was so lucky to talk to Sue who welcomed the challenge of grooming a dog she had never groomed before.  You can’t tell that by looking at me; you’d think she has been grooming the Lowchen breed for years… Yap, I was lucky!  From the first time, I felt so welcome at my new grooming studio.  I now look like the Little Lion that I am supposed to look like.  My mommy takes me there once a month and I am so happy when my mommy picks me up.  She told me she will never look for another groomer which makes me very happy because I’ll tell you that I am the best looking Lowchen there ever was.  Sue and Ariane are the best groomers any dog could ever have.  They love and care about their work and that is how it should be.  It is a shame that dogs like me have to find out the hard way that there are groomers and then there are GROOMERS!!!”


Very loyally yours,

Sawyer the dog, & Dianne Hayes , Vars Ontario


When I drop off our little Pepper at your location, I know that she will be well-groomed, but more importantly, I am confident that she will be treated gently and warmly. Thank you so much!”

Lise Skinner, Orleans Ontario


“I am very comfortable with leaving Roma at Ruff Cuts because Sue was her Breeder and because the environment is very relaxed and dog friendly. Whenever I pick up Roma after her grooming she always looks and smells wonderful!”

Kim Figura, Orleans Ontario


“I have been bringing my dog to Ruff Cuts for over four years now and have always been extremely happy with the service and the grooming. My dog always looks like a Champion when he leaves Ruff Cuts. I would recommend this company to anyone who has a pet. Thank you for making me a happy dog owner!’

Julie Florent, Orleans Ontario


“Sue & Ariane have always done a great grooming job on our Miniature Schnauzer, Pistache. They are both very patient, & pay close attention to detail and are always ready to inform me about my pet’s health or any concerns I might have. I always recommend Ruff Cuts to my friends. Keep up the good work!”

Nadia & Luc Cleroux, Orleans Ontario


“My family has taken four dogs to Ruff Cuts for grooming. The service is always excellent. The dogs never come home “stressed out”- always relaxed. The care and attention to our dogs is always appreciated, especially when our older dogs were infirm. Our new puppy will be a client of Ruff Cuts for a long time.”

Maureen Moyes, Orleans Ontario


“Ruff Cuts preformed an impressive grooming job on our Norfolk terrier at our first visit. Echo has since become a regular customer at Ruff Cuts. We will definitely keep on returning and would not hesitate recommending Ruff Cuts to anyone in need of a reputable groomer for their companion. Sue , thank you so much for the kind attention given to Echo during her visits and for excellent service.

Claude and MJ Brunette, Vars Ontario


I am very satisfied with the grooming services and the care given to my dog Oscar.”

Diane McAllister, Orleans Ontario


“We purchased our Miniature Schnauzer from Sue two years ago, so for us taking the dog back to her for grooming was a “no brainer”. We have peace of mind leaving our dog in Sue and her Daughter’s care, and know that Troy is in good hands. We are from Rockland but the drive to Orleans is well worth it. We would recommend Ruff Cuts to anyone who love their dog.”

Daniel and Maria Lefebvre, Rockland Ontario


“Grizzly is my second dog that I bring to Ruff Cuts. I am very pleased with their service. Our little Lhasa-Poo always returns looking great and smelling great. We love the Teddy Bear cut. The Webcam feature is great!”

Marc D’Aoust, Navan Ontario


“Excellent personalized service. Our dog comes home happy and unstressed. Very nice people!”

Ken Meek, Orleans Ontario


“I have been taking Julius to Ruff Cuts for several years now. I have tried a few grooming services prior to taking him to Ruff Cuts since Julius is almost ten years old. With other grooming places I have never felt comfortable leaving him for at least four hours with several other dogs. Julius was reluctant when being left there and we got the usual whining on the trip home. Now I leave him for a couple of hours (choosing a short cut). he always looks neat and well groomed and the trip home has improved a lot. The main difference with Ruff Cuts is the fact they only take a few dogs at a time and your little companion returns home within a reasonable amount of time. Most important, I know they love dogs and they enjoy making them look “absolutely perfect” for their owners.”

Suzanne Toupin, Orleans Ontario


These two gals who groom our dog are so good we drive from Toronto to Ottawa for the exceptional service. Our dog is so bad with grooming, but no longer with Ruff Cuts, the long drive is well worth the service and friendly Mom and Daughter team. Long Live Ruff Cuts!”

Rob Lamoureux, Toronto Ontario


“Ruff Cuts gives our dog Brandy an excellent grooming service. They have never cut her or hurt her in anyway and they are very professional in the grooming service. I am pleased with the service and I wouldn’t think of going elsewhere. They are friendly, clean and affordable.”

Theresa Dudley, Orleans Ontario


“We have been taking our dog Jomini to Ruff Cuts for three years now and have been extremely pleased with both the quality of the grooming, and also the care given to him. He can be a bit of a handful, but the ladies at Ruff Cuts know exactly what to do. Jomini responds well to this and is definitely excited when he goes to be groomed. We are pleased with the way he looks when we pick him up. The clip definitely captures his character with just the right amount taken off-not too short. We appreciate the care and service Jomini gets at Ruff Cuts. Easily the best pet grooming he has ever had!”

Mr. & Mrs. M Matheson, Orleans Ontario


“I have been taking my Toy Poodle Pompom to Ruff Cuts for grooming for many many years. They always do an excellent job. They always handle Pompom in a very gentle manner and treat him like their own pet. As long as Ruff Cuts keeps treating Pompom like they always do, I will continue to take Pompom there, and I always recommend Ruff Cuts to many friends. She also keeps her premises very clean!”

Barbara Azar, Orleans Ontario


“Sue & Ariane have been grooming our Miniature Schnauzers for a few years, we have been pleased with each grooming and our dogs (Jack and Cobber) have always been well cared for. They are warmly welcomed every 2 months for their regular grooming. We will definitely remain loyal customers. Thanks for a job well done each time!”

Carmelina Cimaglia & Wayne Marlatt, Orleans Ontario


“Ruff Cuts can turn my shaggy, dirty dogs into the beautiful creatures they really are. After a visit to Ruff Cuts not only do my dogs look the best, but people always stop me and ask where I get them groomed. We always get compliments on how great they look!”

Kristen Copeland, Ottawa Ontario


“We are very satisfied with the way our dog Cashew is groomed and taken care of at Ruff Cuts.”

Robert Amyot, Orleans Ontario


” Sue & Ariane are excellent groomers, I can always count on their exceptional work and friendly attitude. My Dogs love the experience and always look great after! No matter where I live Ruff Cuts is the ony place I trust with my pets.”

Alicia Soucie, Nepean Ontario


“Dear Ruff Cuts, I cannot begin to thank you enough for the way you groomed my West Highland Terrier Hannah under such extreme challenges. I wanted to write the following comment: Because of family difficulties and responsibilities my dog’s coat was not maintained and became extremely matted. Ruff-Cuts came to my rescue and with extraordinary expertise, skill and patience they were able to address the problem, leaving my dog looking fabulous. I cannot thank Sue and her daughter enough. I highly recommend Ruff-Cuts and rate it. A++++”

Shirley and Barbara Routliffe Ottawa Ontario


“I have been a long time client of Susan Lavallee, before Ruff Cuts was even established. She has groomed 4 dogs of ours over the years including our beloved Brookes, a beautiful Rottweiler who we adopted as a puppy from Susan. Today I was reminded just how grateful I am that they are there to take care of “my boys”. My older boy is easy enough to deal with, however the younger one is a rambunctious, high spirited mama’s boy who whines from the minute we arrive at the “SPA”. I always hold my breath when I pick them up thinking, oh boy, this is the last time they’re going to want me back as a client. At this time of year when everyone is so busy and frustrated, I was welcomed with a hearty laugh as my boys rumbled down the stairs into the studio acknowledging that they had arrived. Susan and Ariane still smiled and laughed as they whisked them away. I grimaced thinking they were going to have their hands full. When I picked up my boys, and another frantic exit took place, I mentioned to Susan that she must be thinking this is the last time I take those two. To the contrary, she acknowledged that I was a caring, considerate client and she always looked forward to seeing the boys. Ruff Cuts is a professional dog grooming studio with two ladies that truly know dogs. I can speak from experience on that considering they have known all four of mine. Susan’s knowledge actually aided in the diagnosis of a thyroid condition in my Rottweiler. When I brought Brookes to the Vet, he credited Susan’s knowledge as a breeder to have recognized the symptoms. Brookes received ongoing medication for her condition and lived to a ripe old age of 13. I am and will continue to be a loyal client of Susan and Ariane. Why mess with success?”

Jeannie Pelltier Cumberland Ontario


“We adopted our dog Sherlock 2 months ago and took him to Susan for his first grooming the same month and then again the month after that. Susan is great. She has an amazing personality and has great knowledge. She even tells you how it went afterwards and mentions things that she feels is important to mention. My dog had gotten his injections done and she mentioned that he had a lump at the site of injection and to keep an eye on it. Something that I hadn’t noticed that she thought a good mention. She said he didn’t like anything with the feet. Which I understand. But watching him on webcam I could tell that he felt comfortable with Susan and that when I brought him back the second time, he was happy to go back. I will be returning to Susan after a very bad experience at another groomers that caused us to go to the emergency this week. Susan knows how to handle dogs with love and care. I am glad I found her and would recommend her to anyone.

Stephanie Duquette Orleans Ontario”


“We’ve been going to Ruff Cuts to get our Schnauzers groomed for over 14 years and I have to say that we’ve always received fantastic service and results. The ladies are very thorough and concerned about the pets that they groom and take time to mention any health issues such as ear infections or skin problems that we should be aware of. They are patient and caring and I know this because my dog is a challenge to groom and they always manage to figure out how to handle him carefully and make him look great! I would highly recommend Ruff Cuts to anyone who wants professional grooming from a couple of women who truly love animals!”

Nadia and Lucas Cleroux Orleans Ontario


“Been going here for the past 4 years. I’ve never been disappointed with the service I’ve got.”

Brian Cayan Orleans Ontario

…..and many more wonderful reviews, but I just posted a few, thanks everyone.

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