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    This package includes, brush out/de-shedding.
    Nail clipping and dremeled.
    Ear cleaning with M.E.D. Solution.
    Two deep cleansing shampoos in a shampoo suited to your dogs type of coat and condition.
    Up to ten minutes of massaging and deep conditioning.
    Two SPA Blueberry Facial Scrubs.
    A Cut and Styling of your choosing including all finish scissor work.
    Bandanna or Bows and cologne. 



    A complete brush-out/de-shedding.
    Nails clipped and ears cleaned.
    One cleansing Shampoo in a product suited to your dogs coat needs.
    Deep conditioning.
    One SPA Blueberry Facial Scrub.
    Cut and Style of your choosing and scissor finished.
    Bandanna or Bows and cologne.



    Complete brush-out/de-shedding.
    Nails clipped.
    Ears cleaned.
    One shampooing.
    Cut and Style of your choosing, scissor finished.



Bath Blow Dry Packages

  • BowZer Wowzer

    Your dog gets his/her nails clipped, ears cleaned, bathed, conditioned, blow dried, plus a SPA Blueberry facial scrub. No scissor or clipper work is done on this service. 



    A complete brushing, nails clipped, ear cleaning, bathing and blow drying. This is not a full groom, no scissor or clipper work will be performed. 


    This service is offered to our regular clients to maintain their dogs in-between grooms. We will cut their nails, clip between pads, do a sanitary trim/clip, and tidy up their face. This service requires an appointment and should be done four weeks after every full groom.
    We no longer offer this service to be booked on-line, please call in for an appointment.





    We can brush your dogs teeth and will receive a minty spritz mouth freshener. This service will only be preformed on dogs who's teeth do not need to be scaled by vet. If there is too much plaque build, up no amount of brushing will remove the plaque. Please inform us at the time of your pet's grooming if you wish to add this service.



    After cutting the nails we can dremel or sand them down to make them smoother. Please ask for this extra service at the time of dropping off your pet. Please inform us if you wish to add furr feathers to your pets groom when you drop him or her off.


  • Furr Feathers

    Feather extensions which come in many colours to spice up your dogs groom. They last a long time and are easy to remove and tend not to bother dogs as much as bows.