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Frequently asked questions

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    "When should my puppy have its first professional grooming?"

    Grooming on your pup should start at 10 weeks of age (after second vaccination), to let the pup become acquainted with the sounds of the studio environment, noises such as dryers, blasters,and other dogs etc. Your groomer will teach your pup and you the proper way to brush and handle your puppy. These techniques started early will imprint on your pup. The first 6 months of life for a dog is like the first 5 years for a human. It is very important to start them early. We recommend a grooming session every month for the first 4 months. With both you and your groomer working hand in hand doing the same things at home as the groomer would in the studio the pup will take everything around him or her in stride and make it a pleasant experience and not a traumatic one, this in turn makes grooming your pet at home easy for your pup, you and the groomer. Once your dog is conditioned for grooming, regular grooming is required every 2 months for life.


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    "Why does my dog itch after grooming?"

    Some dogs itch as people would after they have shaved their legs or “other” areas. Another reason is the dog came into the studio severely pelted (matted to the skin solid) and the groomer had to use a very short blade to get under that matting to be able to lift it away from the skin. Owners are responsible for the regular in home brushing of their pets to maintain their coats so a dog groomer can do a cute clip. Sometimes puppies itch because it is their first grooming, or they have never had certain procedures done on them such as ear hair removal in the canal. Your pup will shake its head. Discourage your dog from scratching or shaking its head, as he or she will cause irritation and scabbing if left unattended. Dogs or pups that have matting on ear tips, once released at the groomers the blood rushes to the end of the tips. With the dog shaking its head the tips of the ears hit together above the head causing scabbing, or hematomas. Apply Gold Bond Medicated Powder for itching, or baby diaper rash cream which can be purchased at any Pharmacy. Do NOT apply Gold Bond powder to eye area, or scabbed ear tips. TIP- For head shaking cut a woman's nylon sock to make it like a sleeve and slip it over the dogs head with the ears placed up on top of the forehead. This will stop the hitting of ear tips together causing hematomas . Also white or light coloured dogs are more prone to scratching and ear shaking after grooming.

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    "Why does my Groomer not quote me a price over the phone, its always $(this much) and up?"

    Most owners are not aware of what blades will get through certain types of coats, what condition the dog is in, and what type of temperament the dog has. All these factors play a part in pricing, along with what type of style can be done on the dog versus what the owners want. Some owners will say "Oh he has a few knots" but the dog shows up at the studio and he’s is matted solid on his legs but the owner wants a longer style. This is impossible and very painful on the dog to even attempt to brush out. In order to do a long style the dog has to be completely brushed and combed out. The safest and most painless way is to clip down the dog short and start all over again but maintain the dog with proper brushing and combing in between grooms. So without seeing the dog, and its condition of coat we can only estimate the cost and "up". Fees could be applied to the extra time taken to clip down a dog because of matting or behaviour, or for a longer hand scissored styles, as long as the dog is in excellent coat condition.


    "I want my dog short but not shaved."

    Shaving and Clipping are the same. Blades come in all different lengths, from short to long. The longest blade made now is a 3/4 which leaves the coat over an inch long. The better maintained the coat is, with no matting or knots, the longer clip style a groomer can do. Longer clipped styles require more frequent grooming every 4 weeks to maintain the style. Anything longer than that is hand scissored, and is not practical for the dog and the family to maintain their coats. Everything is dragged into a home, grass clippings, mud, snow you name it, it adheres to the hair, but if you enjoy the long styles can afford the regular frequent grooming (every 4-6 weeks for hand scissored long styles) and are willing to put your time and effort into your pets brushing, a long coat style is a sight to behold.